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Madgaon to Calangute Taxi Service at ₹1500 | CabGoa

If you're planning to travel from Madgaon to Calangute, the distance covers roughly 52 kilometers. Opt for a comfortable ride in a sedan like the Etios or Dzire, and you can expect an estimated taxi fare of about INR 1500. If you prefer an SUV, the cost would be approximately INR 1800. It's important to note that these fare estimates can vary based on factors such as the taxi service provider, the time of day, and any additional services you might choose during your journey. For precise pricing and availability, it's advisable to check with your selected taxi service.

Madgaon to Calangute Taxi Service

How To Book Madgaon to Calangute Cab Service?

Below we provide our contact info, you can contact us there and reserve your cab now for free, pay after drop.

Whatsapp Now: +91 8180951176 - Quick Reply

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Convenient Madgaon to Calangute Taxi Service with CabGoa.com

When you're planning your trip to the stunning beaches of Goa, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get from the vibrant town of Madgaon to the iconic shores of Calangute. Fortunately, CabGoa.com is here to make your travel seamless and enjoyable. Our Madgaon to Calangute taxi service is designed to cater to your comfort and convenience, ensuring you have a hassle-free journey from one spectacular destination to another.

1. The Perfect Route for Your Goa Adventure:

Whether you're a first-time visitor to Goa or a seasoned traveler, you'll appreciate the ease and convenience of traveling from Madgaon to Calangute. These two destinations are among the most popular in the state, and our taxi service ensures that you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable transition between the two.

2. Prompt and Professional Service:

At CabGoa.com, we pride ourselves on delivering prompt and professional service. We understand that your time is valuable, and our well-maintained fleet of taxis and experienced drivers are committed to getting you from Madgaon to Calangute safely and efficiently. Our drivers are not just experts on the road; they are also knowledgeable about the local attractions, so you can ask for tips on the best places to visit along the way.

3. Easy Booking Process:

Our goal is to make your Madgaon to Calangute taxi booking as easy as possible. You can book your ride with us through our website or give us a call at +91 8180951176. Our user-friendly online booking system ensures you can quickly secure your ride in advance, eliminating any last-minute travel stress.

4. Affordable Pricing:

We understand the importance of budget-friendly travel. Our Madgaon to Calangute taxi service is competitively priced, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride without breaking the bank. Plus, with our transparent pricing policy, you'll never encounter any hidden fees or surprises.

5. Comfort and Safety:

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Our fleet of vehicles is well-maintained, and we adhere to stringent safety standards. We also provide options like air-conditioned cars to ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey, no matter the weather.

6. Flexibility of Timings:

We understand that travel schedules can vary, so we offer a flexible service. Whether you're arriving early in the morning or late at night, our Madgaon to Calangute taxi service can accommodate your needs. Just let us know your preferred time, and we'll be there to pick you up.


When it comes to traveling from Madgaon to Calangute, CabGoa.com is your trusted partner. Our Madgaon to Calangute taxi service offers a convenient, safe, and comfortable way to reach your destination. Whether you're a solo traveler, a family on vacation, or a group of friends looking to explore Goa together, our service is designed to meet your needs.

Don't let transportation hassles spoil your vacation. Book with CabGoa.com today, and experience a worry-free journey from Madgaon to Calangute. Call us at +91 8180951176 or visit our website to secure your ride. Enjoy the beauty of Goa without the stress of travel – we've got you covered!

FAQs for Madgaon to Calangute Taxi Service

What is the distance between Madgaon and Calangute?

The distance between Madgaon and Calangute is approximately 52 kilometers.

How much is the fare for a sedan car (such as Etios, Dzire) from Madgaon to Calangute?

The fare for a sedan car like Etios or Dzire is approximately INR 1500.

What is the fare for an SUV car for the Madgaon to Calangute journey?

The fare for an SUV car is approximately INR 1800.

Which types of sedan cars are included in the mentioned fare for the Madgaon to Calangute route?

Sedan cars like Etios and Dzire are examples of vehicles included in the approximate fare for the mentioned journey.

Are there any additional charges for the Madgaon to Calangute trip, or is the provided fare inclusive of all costs?

The provided fare for the Madgaon to Calangute journey is comprehensive, covering all associated costs. However, night charges may apply from 10 PM to 6 AM.

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