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Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com

Welcome to the serene and picturesque village of Parra, located in the sunny state of Goa, India. Parra, renowned for its lush greenery, traditional Goan houses, and peaceful ambiance, is a destination that captivates travelers seeking a tranquil escape. To fully experience the beauty of this village, you need a reliable and convenient transportation service that caters to your requirements and preferences. Enter Parra Taxi Service by Taxi Service In Goa – your trusted partner for exploring the wonders and charm of Parra effortlessly.

Discover Parra's Beauty with Ease

Parra is a traveler's delight, offering a blend of nature, culture, and a glimpse into Goan life. From idyllic landscapes to ancient chapels and local markets, there's much to explore. With Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com, you can navigate through this peaceful haven with ease and comfort.

1.Convenience at Your Disposal

Parra Taxi Service understands the importance of convenience while traveling. With our user-friendly booking system, reserving a ride is a breeze. Whether you're at your hotel or a quaint café, we'll be there to pick you up promptly.

2.Reliable and Punctual

Punctuality is our hallmark. Our drivers, familiar with the intricate routes of Parra, assure you reach your destination on time, every time. Your journey in Parra with Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com is as reliable as it gets.

3.Professional and Hospitable Drivers

Our drivers are more than just chauffeurs; they are your local guides. Polite, well-versed with the area, and always eager to assist, they'll make sure you have an unforgettable journey in and around Parra.

4.Tailored Services

Whether you're a solo explorer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family looking for adventure, Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com offers a range of vehicle options to suit your needs and preferences.

Parra Taxi Fare Chart Latest 2024

Location Distance (km) Time (hrs) Sedan fare Suv fare
Dabolim Airport 35.8 kilometers 51 min 1432 INR 1718.4 INR
Mopa Airport 24.2 kilometers 32 min 968 INR 1161.6 INR
Margao / Madgoan Station 46.9 kilometers 1 hour 5 min 1876 INR 2251.2 INR
Vasco Station 38.4 kilometers 54 min 1536 INR 1843.2 INR
Thivim Station 14.1 kilometers 24 min 564 INR 676.8 INR
Karmali Station 22.2 kilometers 35 min 888 INR 1065.6 INR
Ponda 39.7 kilometers 1 hour 1588 INR 1905.6 INR
Varca 48.4 kilometers 1 hour 11 min 1936 INR 2323.2 INR
Quepem 57.1 kilometers 1 hour 21 min 2284 INR 2740.8 INR
Canacona 79.6 kilometers 1 hour 59 min 3184 INR 3820.8 INR
Cavelossim 55.7 kilometers 1 hour 22 min 2228 INR 2673.6 INR
Majorda 37.7 kilometers 55 min 1508 INR 1809.6 INR
Curtorim 50.5 kilometers 1 hour 7 min 2020 INR 2424 INR
Raj Bhag 82 kilometers 2 hours 7 min 3280 INR 3936 INR
Betalbetim 40.6 kilometers 58 min 1624 INR 1948.8 INR
Betul 59.6 kilometers 1 hour 28 min 2384 INR 2860.8 INR
Utorda 38.7 kilometers 56 min 1548 INR 1857.6 INR
Mandrem 15.9 kilometers 33 min 636 INR 763.2 INR
Miramar Goa 16.5 kilometers 33 min 660 INR 792 INR
Morjim 14.7 kilometers 34 min 588 INR 705.6 INR
Nagoa 32.6 kilometers 47 min 1304 INR 1564.8 INR
Nerul 12.1 kilometers 25 min 484 INR 580.8 INR
Panjim 14.1 kilometers 30 min 564 INR 676.8 INR
Raibander 16.6 kilometers 29 min 664 INR 796.8 INR
Saligao 3.2 kilometers 6 min 128 INR 153.6 INR
Siolim 9.2 kilometers 21 min 368 INR 441.6 INR
Sinquerim 10.2 kilometers 25 min 408 INR 489.6 INR
Taligao 15.9 kilometers 33 min 636 INR 763.2 INR
Thivim 10 kilometers 16 min 400 INR 480 INR
Vagator 5.8 kilometers 14 min 232 INR 278.4 INR
Porvorim 7.2 kilometers 14 min 288 INR 345.6 INR
Sangolda 5.8 kilometers 13 min 232 INR 278.4 INR
Assanora 16.7 kilometers 26 min 668 INR 801.6 INR
Advualpal 18.9 kilometers 30 min 756 INR 907.2 INR
Agonda 80.1 kilometers 2 hours 3 min 3204 INR 3844.8 INR
Benaulim 47 kilometers 1 hour 9 min 1880 INR 2256 INR
Bicholim 25.5 kilometers 42 min 1020 INR 1224 INR
Colva 42.9 kilometers 1 hour 1 min 1716 INR 2059.2 INR
Colvale 10.3 kilometers 14 min 412 INR 494.4 INR
Mobor 58.2 kilometers 1 hour 26 min 2328 INR 2793.6 INR
Mangueshi 31.3 kilometers 48 min 1252 INR 1502.4 INR
Navelim 45.5 kilometers 1 hour 7 min 1820 INR 2184 INR
Nuvem Goa 39.1 kilometers 54 min 1564 INR 1876.8 INR
Old Goa 21.2 kilometers 34 min 848 INR 1017.6 INR
Palolem 78.9 kilometers 1 hour 58 min 3156 INR 3787.2 INR
Anjuna Beach Goa 8.2 kilometers 21 min 328 INR 393.6 INR
Calangute Goa 6.2 kilometers 13 min 248 INR 297.6 INR
Patnem 80.4 kilometers 2 hours 1 min 3216 INR 3859.2 INR
Arpora 4.5 kilometers 11 min 180 INR 216 INR
Ashwem 17.2 kilometers 39 min 688 INR 825.6 INR
Assagao Goa 5.1 kilometers 11 min 204 INR 244.8 INR
Candolim Goa 8.9 kilometers 21 min 356 INR 427.2 INR
Dona Paula Goa 19 kilometers 36 min 760 INR 912 INR
Mapusa 3.3 kilometers 10 min 132 INR 158.4 INR

Unveiling the Wonders of Parra

Now that you have a dependable mode of transportation, let's dive into what makes Parra a must-visit destination.

Vagator Beach
Vagator Beach

1.Explore the Scenic Vagator Beach

One of the most stunning beaches in Goa, Vagator Beach is just a short ride away from Parra. Let Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com take you there, and enjoy the golden sands and mesmerizing sunsets.

Church Of St. Anne
Church Of St. Anne

2.Visit the Church of St. Anne

This ancient Goan church is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region. The intricate architecture and serene surroundings make it a must-visit, and Parra Taxi Service ensures you get there comfortably.

Anjuna Flea Market
Anjuna Flea Market

3.Experience the Anjuna Flea Market

Indulge in a shopping spree at the vibrant Anjuna Flea Market. Shop for souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and more. Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com will get you to this bustling market hassle-free.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach

4.Enjoy Adventure at Anjuna Beach

For the adrenaline junkies, Anjuna Beach offers thrilling water sports. Let Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com be your guide to the exciting world of water adventures.

Book Your Journey with Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com Today

Ready to explore the beauty of Parra? Choose Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com for a seamless, comfortable, and enjoyable transportation experience. Discover the wonders of this tranquil village at your own pace, and let us take care of the ride. Book Now and make the most of your Parra adventure with Parra Taxi Service by CabGoa.Com!

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C V Dansena
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Thankyou so much for your good service specially your drivers and cars are very good and also thanks to Mr. Niranjan manager of this cab service was vary nice person and lots of help to their guests. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏🏻

Sukhavendra K V
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Fully impressed with their services. Mr. Niranjan is very helpful in managing. He provided cab in time with a well behaved driver and new and neat vehicle. Thanks to Niranjan.
_a month ago
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Love the services... Always prompt and punctual... Rates are also very competitive... Reliable, Never missed out his words.. 5* from my side
Anand Raj
_3 weeks ago
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Very prompt and punctual service Value for money, driver was courteous
sriram sundararajan
_3 weeks ago
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Very good experience. Called Mr Niranjan early in the morning for a cab and he promptly responded. Swift and efficient service!!
Sandeep Reddy
_a month ago
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I have taken cab to airport from Calangute. The booking process and the ride was very smooth. Price is very less compared to other cab services.
Priya Sharma
_2 weeks ago
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Excellent service! Booked a taxi from Panaji to Margao, and the experience was fantastic. The driver was courteous, the car was clean, and the journey was smooth. Pricing is very reasonable too. Highly recommended!
Rajesh Singh
_3 weeks ago
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Used CabGoa.Com for the first time, and it was beyond my expectations. The driver was punctual, and the cab was clean and comfortable. The fare was also very reasonable. Will definitely use their service again.
Amit Kumar
_a month ago
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Impressed with CabGoa.Com's service. Booked a cab for a day-long tour in Goa. The driver was knowledgeable about the tourist spots and ensured a memorable trip. The rates were pocket-friendly too. Highly recommend their services!
Aparna Patel
_2 weeks ago
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I had a fantastic experience with CabGoa.Com. Booked a cab for a day trip with family. The driver was courteous, and the car was in great condition. The rates were reasonable. Will surely choose them again for my next Goa visit!
Rahul Verma
_3 weeks ago
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Highly satisfied with CabGoa.Com's services. The booking process was easy, and the driver arrived on time. Courteous and professional service throughout the journey. The fares were quite reasonable. Recommending to friends and family!
Deepak Mishra
_a month ago
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Outstanding service by CabGoa.Com. Booked a taxi from the airport to Anjuna, and it was a breeze. The driver was friendly, and the cab was in top condition. Prices were reasonable too. Will definitely use again!