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Miramar Taxi Service: Your Convenient Travel Partner

While Miramar Beach presents the epitome of tranquility, exploring Goa also involves seamless travel. That's where Miramar Taxi Service steps in as your reliable and convenient travel companion. When you've had your fill of the beach's serene beauty, getting around and exploring more of what Goa has to offer is made effortless with our services.

Miramar Beach Circle
Miramar Beach Circle

Miramar Taxi Fare Chart Latest 2024

Location Distance (km) Time (hrs) Sedan fare Suv fare
Dabolim Airport 27.9 kilometers 38 min 1116 INR 1339.2 INR
Mopa Airport 36.7 kilometers 1 hour 2 min 1468 INR 1761.6 INR
Margao / Madgoan Station 39 kilometers 57 min 1560 INR 1872 INR
Vasco Station 30.5 kilometers 43 min 1220 INR 1464 INR
Thivim Station 29.6 kilometers 53 min 1184 INR 1420.8 INR
Karmali Station 15.2 kilometers 25 min 608 INR 729.6 INR
Ponda 34.1 kilometers 54 min 1364 INR 1636.8 INR
Varca 40.5 kilometers 1 hour 4 min 1620 INR 1944 INR
Quepem 49.2 kilometers 1 hour 13 min 1968 INR 2361.6 INR
Canacona 71.7 kilometers 1 hour 53 min 2868 INR 3441.6 INR
Cavelossim 47.4 kilometers 1 hour 15 min 1896 INR 2275.2 INR
Majorda 29.8 kilometers 43 min 1192 INR 1430.4 INR
Curtorim 42.2 kilometers 59 min 1688 INR 2025.6 INR
Raj Bhag 72.5 kilometers 1 hour 59 min 2900 INR 3480 INR
Betalbetim 32.7 kilometers 49 min 1308 INR 1569.6 INR
Betul 51.7 kilometers 1 hour 24 min 2068 INR 2481.6 INR
Utorda 30.8 kilometers 46 min 1232 INR 1478.4 INR
Mandrem 35.7 kilometers 1 hour 8 min 1428 INR 1713.6 INR
Miramar Goa kilometers 0 0 INR 0 INR
Morjim 34 kilometers 1 hour 7 min 1360 INR 1632 INR
Nagoa 24.7 kilometers 35 min 988 INR 1185.6 INR
Nerul 13.4 kilometers 33 min 536 INR 643.2 INR
Panjim 5 kilometers 14 min 200 INR 240 INR
Raibander 9.3 kilometers 19 min 372 INR 446.4 INR
Saligao 16.3 kilometers 35 min 652 INR 782.4 INR
Siolim 29 kilometers 55 min 1160 INR 1392 INR
Sinquerim 16.3 kilometers 40 min 652 INR 782.4 INR
Taligao 1.9 kilometers 5 min 76 INR 91.2 INR
Thivim 24.1 kilometers 44 min 964 INR 1156.8 INR
Vagator 22 kilometers 52 min 880 INR 1056 INR
Porvorim 13.4 kilometers 26 min 536 INR 643.2 INR
Sangolda 12.7 kilometers 26 min 508 INR 609.6 INR
Parra Goa 16.2 kilometers 40 min 648 INR 777.6 INR
Assanora 30.8 kilometers 55 min 1232 INR 1478.4 INR
Agonda 72.2 kilometers 2 hours 2 min 2888 INR 3465.6 INR
Benaulim 39.1 kilometers 1 hour 1 min 1564 INR 1876.8 INR
Bicholim 31 kilometers 1 hour 2 min 1240 INR 1488 INR
Colva 35 kilometers 53 min 1400 INR 1680 INR
Colvale 24.5 kilometers 43 min 980 INR 1176 INR
Mobor 50.3 kilometers 1 hour 20 min 2012 INR 2414.4 INR
Mangueshi 25.7 kilometers 43 min 1028 INR 1233.6 INR
Navelim 37.6 kilometers 59 min 1504 INR 1804.8 INR
Nuvem Goa 31.3 kilometers 43 min 1252 INR 1502.4 INR
Old Goa 13.3 kilometers 25 min 532 INR 638.4 INR
Palolem 72.1 kilometers 2 hours 1 min 2884 INR 3460.8 INR
Anjuna Beach Goa 24.4 kilometers 59 min 976 INR 1171.2 INR
Calangute Goa 17.7 kilometers 42 min 708 INR 849.6 INR
Patnem 72.5 kilometers 2 hours 2900 INR 3480 INR
Arpora 20.7 kilometers 47 min 828 INR 993.6 INR
Ashwem 37 kilometers 1 hour 14 min 1480 INR 1776 INR
Assagao Goa 22.2 kilometers 48 min 888 INR 1065.6 INR
Candolim Goa 15 kilometers 38 min 600 INR 720 INR
Dona Paula Goa 3.1 kilometers 7 min 124 INR 148.8 INR
Mapusa 19.5 kilometers 43 min 780 INR 936 INR

Comfort and Convenience

Miramar Taxi Service prioritizes your comfort and convenience. Whether you're heading to the airport, a local attraction, or another beautiful beach in Goa, we ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Our well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers make your travel experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Miramar Beach Main Entrance
Miramar Beach Main Entrance

Explore Goa at Your Pace

With Miramar Taxi Service, you have the freedom to explore Goa at your pace. No need to rush or adhere to a strict schedule. Stop by that enticing café, visit a charming local market, or simply take a detour to enjoy the scenic beauty. Our taxi service gives you the flexibility to make the most of your Goan adventure.

Miramar Beach Children Area
Miramar Beach Children Area

Local Insights and Guidance

Our experienced drivers are not just chauffeurs; they are your local guides. They know the ins and outs of Goa, the best routes, hidden gems, and the most delectable eateries. Feel free to ask for recommendations or insights to enhance your journey.

Miramar Beach Dolphin Boat Entry Point
Miramar Beach Dolphin Boat Entry Point

Safe and Reliable

Safety is our priority. Miramar Taxi Service ensures that you reach your destination safely and on time. We adhere to all safety protocols and regulations, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

Miramar Beach Boat Ride
Miramar Beach Boat Ride

Discover the Beauty of Miramar: A Perfect Blend of Beach Serenity and Taxi Convenience

Nestled along the Arabian Sea, Miramar Beach offers a picturesque escape from the bustling streets of Panjim, the charming capital of Goa. The golden sands and the rhythmic lapping of waves create a soothing atmosphere, inviting visitors to unwind and bask in the coastal serenity. The gentle sea breeze carries a sense of calmness that sweeps over the beach, making it an ideal spot for peaceful walks and contemplation. Miramar, which translates to 'view of the sea', aptly describes the essence of this beach.

Miramar Beach
Miramar Beach

Sunsets at Miramar

Miramar Beach is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets. As the sun begins its descent, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues, ranging from shades of orange and pink to deep crimson. Locals and tourists alike gather to witness this awe-inspiring spectacle, capturing the perfect photograph and cherishing the tranquility that the moment brings.

Miramar Beach Sunset View
Miramar Beach Sunset View

Cultural Connect at the Samadhi

Near Miramar Beach lies the Samadhi of Goa's first Chief Minister, Dayanand Bandodkar. This structure is a symbolic representation of Goa's rich cultural heritage and a reminder of a great leader. Surrounded by well-maintained gardens, it's a peaceful spot for those seeking solace and a deeper understanding of the state's history.

Connect with the Local Flavors

Adjacent to Miramar Beach are numerous stalls and shacks that offer a delightful array of Goan street food. From spicy chaats to seafood delicacies, these local eateries tantalize taste buds with authentic flavors. Sampling these delights is not just a gastronomic experience but an immersion into the vibrant and diverse Goan culinary culture.

Water Adventures and Activities

For the adventure enthusiasts, Miramar Beach offers a variety of water sports and activities. Jet-skiing, parasailing, and boating are popular choices. The thrill of riding the waves or being airborne amidst the boundless sea adds an adrenaline rush to the peaceful ambiance of the beach.

Preserving the Pristine Beauty

Miramar Beach is known for its cleanliness and well-maintained surroundings. The local authorities and environmentalists actively work towards preserving the pristine beauty of this coastal gem. Visitors are encouraged to partake in keeping the beach clean, thereby ensuring its natural allure for generations to come.

In Conclusion

Miramar, Goa, is a treasure trove that offers both the tranquility of a beautiful beach and the convenience of reliable taxi services. Embrace the coastal charm, breathe in the salty air, and let the waves serenade you at Miramar Beach. And when you're ready to venture further and explore the vibrant streets of Goa, Miramar Taxi Service is here to ensure your journey is smooth, comfortable, and memorable.

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C V Dansena
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Thankyou so much for your good service specially your drivers and cars are very good and also thanks to Mr. Niranjan manager of this cab service was vary nice person and lots of help to their guests. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏🏻

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Fully impressed with their services. Mr. Niranjan is very helpful in managing. He provided cab in time with a well behaved driver and new and neat vehicle. Thanks to Niranjan.
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Love the services... Always prompt and punctual... Rates are also very competitive... Reliable, Never missed out his words.. 5* from my side
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_3 weeks ago
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Very prompt and punctual service Value for money, driver was courteous
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_3 weeks ago
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Very good experience. Called Mr Niranjan early in the morning for a cab and he promptly responded. Swift and efficient service!!
Sandeep Reddy
_a month ago
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I have taken cab to airport from Calangute. The booking process and the ride was very smooth. Price is very less compared to other cab services.
Priya Sharma
_2 weeks ago
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Excellent service! Booked a taxi from Panaji to Margao, and the experience was fantastic. The driver was courteous, the car was clean, and the journey was smooth. Pricing is very reasonable too. Highly recommended!
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Used CabGoa.Com for the first time, and it was beyond my expectations. The driver was punctual, and the cab was clean and comfortable. The fare was also very reasonable. Will definitely use their service again.
Amit Kumar
_a month ago
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Impressed with CabGoa.Com's service. Booked a cab for a day-long tour in Goa. The driver was knowledgeable about the tourist spots and ensured a memorable trip. The rates were pocket-friendly too. Highly recommend their services!
Aparna Patel
_2 weeks ago
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I had a fantastic experience with CabGoa.Com. Booked a cab for a day trip with family. The driver was courteous, and the car was in great condition. The rates were reasonable. Will surely choose them again for my next Goa visit!
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_3 weeks ago
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Highly satisfied with CabGoa.Com's services. The booking process was easy, and the driver arrived on time. Courteous and professional service throughout the journey. The fares were quite reasonable. Recommending to friends and family!
Deepak Mishra
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Outstanding service by CabGoa.Com. Booked a taxi from the airport to Anjuna, and it was a breeze. The driver was friendly, and the cab was in top condition. Prices were reasonable too. Will definitely use again!